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The Club Penguin app is a mobile version of Club Penguin. The app is free to download. Corn Sky plays this sometimes. The Club Penguin app has 9 mini-games: Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup, Ice Fishing, Pufflescape, Card-Jitsu Snow, Jetpack Boost, Bean Counters, Pizzatron 3000, and Smoothie Smash. You can edit your penguin, view your friends, shop for clothes (And sometimes they have mobile exclusives), view the What's New Blog, watch videos, and throw snowballs at your friends. The Club Penguin app now has 3D penguins and puffles and has also added an igloo feature and some rooms from the online game to meet other players on the app. Since March 29, 2017, the app has been completely remodeled and is called Club Penguin Island.


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