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Welcome! Every day Corn Sky will be hosting photo of the day. Photo of the day is a daily objective that will change from photo to photo every day at 00:00 UTC time on the wiki's homepage. To see the pics, click here.

List of photos

A list of photos is listed below. Photos are listed in bold.

1. Herbert P. Bear relaxing

2. Hungry puffle

3. Elmo portrait

4. Daizy portrait

5. Rabbids Invasion portrait

6. Honda car portrait

7. Angelica Pickles portrait

8. SpongeBob portrait

9. Turbo the snail portrait

10. Poptropica wallpaper

11. Toucan Sam exploring

12. Penguin Style August 2013

13. Clock portrait

14. Sue Ellen eating ice cream

15. Curious George spilling grape juice

16. Penguin Style March 2011

17. Lola bunny worried

18. Minnie Mouse portrait

19. Oreo cookie portrait

20. 3 red disco penguins dancing

21. Bosko portrait

22. Toucan Sam portrait

23. Tacoma Narrows Bridge portrait

24. DJ Cadence portrait

25. Apple and CinnaMon portrait

26. Cocoa Krispies cereal portrait

27. Rice Krispies cereal portrait

28. Dundee Middle School, West Dundee, IL banner portrait

29. Nickelodeon logo portrait

30. Lucky clover portrait

31. Wubbzy portrait

32. Krabby Patty portrait

33. Club Penguin Werewolf portrait

34. E Grade portrait

35. Penguin with a coin

36. Universal Cartoon Studios (1991) portrait

37. Sour Patch Kids Logo portrait

38. Mini-Wheats logo portrait

39. Werewolf candy transformation

40. Kellogg's Variety Pack 10 cereal portrait

41. Puffle Firework portrait

42. Barack Obama portrait

43. Birthday Cake portrait

44. Cloud portrait

45. Scooby-Doo portrait

46. Applejack portrait

47. Rainbow puffle blowing a rainbow bubble

48. Golden Puffle

49. Stoplight

50. Smurfette portrait

51. Paw Patrol portrait

52. Apple and CinnaMon

53. Bosko portrait

54. Mickey Mouse

55. Blue Puffle

56. Scooby-Doo in real life

57. 5 Dollar Bill

58. Klutzy the crab

59. SpongeBob holding a book

60. Chocolate Coin

61. All 12 puffles

62. A Penguin opening a door

63. Puffle Protection Program logo

64. SpongeBob X-mas special

65. Club Penguin celebrating X-mas

66. Club Penguin visiting Santa's Workshop

67. A Puffle on a mountain

68. Paramount logo (2002-2011)

69. SpongeBob and friends celebrating X-mas

70. Bosko and Honey

71. Woodman's Food Markets Logo

72. Pink Puffle with a bowtie

73. Pinkie Pie with a flower basket

74. 2 Purple Puffles playing

75. General Mills 8 cereal pack

76. Nickelodeon haystack logo with copyright information

77. SpongeBob with a rainbow on his head

78. The "Icicle" Krab

79. Kmart logo

80. Herbert Klutzy Puffle

81. SpongeBob frozen

82. Bosko and Wilbur playing

83. Vampire Girl Penguin

84. Puffle Handler

85. Safari Hat

86. Club Penguin Artwork

87. New Years Photo

88. Universal Pictures logo (1997-2011)

89. Fireworks on Club Penguin

90. Tacos

91. Pinkie Pie singing

92. Aurora (Not my puffle)

93. Troll dancing

94. Skye from Paw Patrol

95. Vampire

96. Snap, Crackle, and Pop

97. Another Troll dancing

98. Penguin Style January 2014

99. Algonquin, IL water tower

100.Corn Sky Wiki celebrates 100th photo

101.Penguin diving into a paint can

102.Glade logo

103.Shop Worker Club Penguin

104.Girl Penguin Ice Skating

105.Glade Automatic Spray Unit

106.Stella from Angry Birds

107.Dubstep Puffle

108.Po from Kung Fu Panda

109.A Penguin falling from the sky

110.A Club Penguin wallpaper

111.Dinosaur Puffles

112.Poptropica: Mega Fighting Bots

113.Club Penguin: Megg's Twitter Icon (Jan 2014)

114.Corn Pops logo

115.Penguin drilling

116.Cinnamon Jacks commercial


118.Cinnamon Toast Crunch character

119.Red Light Camera

120.Green Puffle face close-up

121.Lexus Car

122.Cereal Toy Car

123.All Bran cereal logo 2012

124.Puffle plush toy

125.Nickelodeon Fish logo

126.The "Spindle" in Berwyn, Illinois

127.The Smurfs: DiscoverTheForest Ad

128.Face creeping up in the dark

129.Stoplight with left turn signal

130.Nickelodeon bone logo with copyright information

131.Glade Sense and Spray beige air freshener

132.SpongeBob rooting and cheering

133.SpongeBob and Sandy's "wedding" (Not an actual wedding, just a play)

134.Bird's eye view of Club Penguin Island

135.SpongeBob in a USA troop

136.Smurfs background

137.Glade Scented Oil Candle

138.Blue Inflatable Duck

139.5 Glade Sense and Sprays over a bowl of Chex Mix

140.SpongeBob shocked

141.A rainbow puffle with an R2-D2 hat on

142.Tom Cat and Cindy Lou

143.Glade Sense and Spray light brown air freshener. (There is a 2nd one in the picture shown)

144.SpongeBob and Patrick

145.Apple and Cinnamon scent from Glade

146.Nick Jr. logo

147.Clean Linen scent from Glade

148.Cashmere Woods scent from Glade

149.Hawaiian Breeze scent from Glade

150.Fiber One Protein Cereal

151.Puffle Handler as a brown puffle

152.Red Honeysuckle Nectar scent from Glade

153.Lavender and Peach Blossom scent from Glade

154.Sheldon J. Plankton

155.Row of little cereal boxes

156.Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch cereal

157.Lavender and Vanilla scent from Glade

158.Glade Sense & Spray Lavender & Vanilla starter kit (older version)

159.Glade Press and Spray air freshener

160.Fiber One 90 calorie brownies

161.Farts in air freshener aisle

162.Brown and white sense and sprays

163.Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Membership popup

164.Kermit the frog

165.Muppets Most Wanted Trailer

166.Pampers logo

167.The 2 Apple Jacks

168.Red penguin ready to swim

169.Cinnamon Toast Crunch characters

170.Peppa Pig

171.Krave Chocolate & Double Chocolate cereals

172.Giordano's logo

173.Glade Décor Scents Car

174.Kellogg's Eggo logo

175.Greedy Smurf carrying a cherry cake

176.Club Penguin app alternate logo

177.April Fools photo

178.Rookie being silly

179.Puffle Protection Program logo

180.Pookies dressed in different outfits

181.A puffle in a spacesuit

182.A Glade Automatic Spray starter kit

183.Mr. Incredible

184.A Pink Puffle getting her hair brushed

185.Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Membership popup

186.Penguins with dog and cat ears on

187.The old Glade logo

188.Puffle Launch app icon

189.A Blue Border Collie Dog puffle and an Orange Tabby Cat puffle

190.Nickelodeon Funny Rules logo

191.An old puffle handbook

192.Pegman from Google Maps.

193.Club Penguin The Fair 2014 background

194.A Club Penguin Comic

195.Interstate 90 sign

196.Chips Ahoy! logo

197.Kellogg's Assorted Cereal 8 count

198.A puffle floating in the air

199.Star 105.5 Radio logo

200.Corn Sky Wiki celebrates 200th photo

201.Glade Sense & Spray Lavender & Vanilla starter kit (newer version)

202.A penguin on a picture frame

203.2 people hugging

204.Eggo Bites

205.Glade Sense & Spray Clean Linen refill

206.A girl poptropican

207.A screenshot of the galaxy

208.The Room Place furniture store logo

209.A bone

210.A Orange Puffle

211.Stokely Carmichael

212.A Pink Puffle ready to swim

213.SpongeBob SquarePants 15th anniversary logo

214.2 kids having dinner

215.Troll face (face only)

216.Patrick surprised

217.Patrick surprised with a background and slime

218.A blank white background

219.S.C. Johnson & Son logo

220.A fruitsnackia character squashed

221.A Red Puffle

222.Charlotte's Web background

223.A different stoplight with the same left turn signal

224.A Krave cereal character with a sign

225.A puffle with no eyeballs

226.Glade products in a store


228.Jerry Mouse

229.Target logo

230.Tom Cat

231.A Stop Sign

232.Sony Pictures Home Entertainment logo

233.Pink Victoria's Secret logo

234.A Tom & Jerry Kids episode title card

235.Tom and Jerry surfing

236.Sam & Cat hugging each other

237.Sam & Cat having snacks

238.Sam & Cat logo

239.Paramount Classics logo

240.Oxi Clean logo

241.Renuzit logo

242.SC Johnson Raid logo

243.Carpentersville, IL water tower

244.OFF! Mosquito Repellent logo

245.Glade Plugins Scented Oil

246.Glade Sense & Spray Apple Cinnamon starter kit

247.Glade Sense & Spray white air freshener

248.Glade Sense & Spray Clear Springs Odor Eliminator starter kit

249.Tom & Jerry getting caught

250.Jerry peeking out of his mouse hole

251.2 Glade Sense & Spray starter kits, Clean Linen, Apple Cinnamon

252.Chocolate Toast Crunch commercial

253.Glade Sense and Spray beige air freshener (with newer design)

254.The Honeymooners Moon

255.A Green Alien Puffle.