Hello Corn Sky Wiki. N-A here. This is an important message about Club Penguin. I will be quitting the game soon for these following reasons:

1. I'm getting too old for playing Club Penguin.

2. The game is starting to get boring.

3. Near the end of Summer 2016, I went through an incident with the game that was so strong that it finally made me want to quit the game.

Before I quit Club Penguin, I want you to attend a special meetup in-game on September 11, 2016 for the final goodbyes of Corn Sky. I will let you know what time I will be ready to meetup. However, due to me quitting Club Penguin. This does NOT mean this wiki is closing, as most of the content is Club Penguin related. This wiki is an "any-topic" wiki. This site is much more than Club Penguin, you can tell stuff like TV Shows like Nickelodeon, other virtual world games like Poptropica. (I already quit Poptropica, I might log in once in a GREAT while). Thank You for reading this message. Peace!

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